Ways To Stay Creative

It’s tough to juggle all those responsibilities AND move goals forward. When I get stuck, I rely on my own ways to stay creative – and now I’ll share them with you!

  1. Keep lists of amazing people, opportunities, successes and things
  2. Celebrate your quirkiness
  3. Sing your favorite song at the top of your lungs while driving in the car
  4. Research your family tree, and be on the lookout for interesting scoundrels
  5. Take a walk in nature and listen to the music of the wind and the birds
  6. Make direct requests to the Universe and be open to receive
  7. Hang out with happy, interesting deep thinkers
  8. Eat a cookie. Eat another. Eat three, if that’s what it takes
  9. Ask for feedback from people you admire and respect
  10. Persevere. It’s okay to walk away once in a while, but giving up is not an option
  11. Write. write. write. Spellcheck. Cut, cut, revise. Red pencil. Write, write, write
  12. Don’t freak out if you make a mistake – sometimes the unplanned works out much better than the original intention
  13. Try new things. In fact, keep lists of all the new things you want to try (see #1!)
  14. Stare out the window – and really see!
  15. Every evening, recount the five best things that happened to you that day
  16. Work hard. Eat, sleep, and play well
  17. Be a risk-taker. Baby steps are okay
  18. My favorite: Screw the rules!
  19. Do at least one thing that makes you happy every day
  20. Feeling out of sorts? Tough Love Reminder: Since when does how you feel this minute have anything to do with what you need to accomplish?
  21. Get to work or go outside and play, but commit to something
  22. READ YOUR THESAURUS! Don’t own one? Good God, and you’re a writer?
  23. Shoot for excellence. Perfect is absolutely no fun, and it makes people wrong
  24. Make lists of all your ideas – good, bad, impractical, silly (See #1!)
  25. Clean up/organize something – anything!
  26. Overwhelmed? Get back on track by focusing on one item you need to do – and complete it
  27. Always remember to carry blank note cards and a pen so you can scribble down the crazy things people say in the real world (This from Anne Lamott, “Bird by Bird”)
  28. Call a friend who will make you laugh!
  29. Fresh brewed coffee or good wine, depending on the time of day – or not (see #18)
  30. When all else fails: Talk it out with the dog – or your best friend, or your Mom, whichever works

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