Create A Simple Single-Author Boxed Set

by Molly Greene, @mollygreene

BOXSET_Books-1-2-3_155xI recently put together a quick boxed set of the first three books in my Gen Delacourt Mystery Series, then went on to build box sets for the rest of my titles. Why do it?

  • More product
  • Go wide with singles OR sets and stay in KU with one or the other
  • Create pricing incentives for readers

Here’s a quick rundown of my process.

One: Combine pre-formatted Word docs

I upload pre-formatted Word docs of my manuscripts directly to Amazon when I publish a new title. Controlling the formatting process allows me to control the editing process, which is important to me, because every time I publish a new book, I add that title and its purchase links to every currently published ebook (eventually, lol!) This provides control over small edits, keeping my backlist current, and the calls to action I use in each book. I won’t go over it again, but if you’re interested, I blogged about my pre-formatting process here: Simple eBook Formatting Using MS Word.

So … to build a boxed set, I combine, in order, the individual Word docs for each manuscript. Then I add a new FIRST page for the newly-bundled ebook. This page functions as a “welcome” to the reader and describes the contents and links to the beginning (copyright page) of each book in the set. I use Word’s Bookmark function to link the title on the welcome page to the title on each copyright page.

Two: Buy a 3D box set cover on Fiverr

CELLAR_BOXSET_155xI’d never used Fiverr before Anne Hagan recommended it – read her Fiverr post here – but now I’m a big fan. Anne provides an in-depth view to using the platform. Be sure to read all her replies to comments for additional info!

I contracted for 3D box set covers, paid $5.50 apiece, and was thrilled with the fast response and delivery, as well as the professional result. Note: I created my own “spine” .jpg for each title, uploaded an example of what I wanted plus detailed instructions for the vendor (spine position, image size, sequence of titles, etc). That made it cheaper for me and easier for the designer.

Three: Upload to Amazon

Once I had the cover and the Word doc mss, I created a new title on my Amazon bookshelf, wrote a new description, added review snippets, then uploaded the whole shebang and published it as Gen Delacourt Mystery Series Boxed Set: Books 1-3.

Promotion and reviews

Reviews are the difficult part, as always. In the past, I’ve relied on free BookBub promos to accrue reviews, but BB promos – especially free – are getting harder and harder to get. So I am begging readers and fans who’ve reviewed all three single titles to post a review for the boxed set. *Sigh* It’s a universal challenge, and just one part of the hard work we do as indies.

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