Mark of the Loon: Book 1

LOON-150x_OptimizedIn Book #1 of the Gen Delacourt Mystery Series, Mark of the Loon, Madison Boone renovates property in addition to a busy real estate career, and her lifestyle leaves little time for anything beyond business and her three wise, hilarious friends. When Madison buys the Blackburnes’ house, a series of events both endanger her and lead her to love – and a permanent home. The story is about taking risks, dealing with loss, and about deep, unconditional friendships – and introduces Gen Delacourt as an impressive amateur sleuth!

Here’s an excerpt:
Madison was just reaching toward the closed door when the stair below the landing squeaked like one of Jack’s most annoying toys. She jumped, thinking she’d stepped on something she shouldn’t have, and dropped a bucket of dust cloths. The pail clattered against the wall, spilling its contents. She cursed and bent to gather them up.

“What was that?” Anna called from below.

“Creaky stair,” Madison replied. “Creeped me out. Too many monster movies.”

She turned the handle. The door glided inward and she followed it, feeling along the wall for the switch plate. She flicked on the light. Clearly this room had been Edward’s office.

Glass-fronted cabinets held shelf after shelf of books. Nests and eggs and stuffed birds and tiny, preserved skeletons were placed among them, all carefully labeled. Although the insidious dust had wheedled its way in, the spiders had been kept at bay. Not a single daddy long-legs in sight.

“You won’t believe it,” Madison said.

Anna took the stairs two at a time, missing the squeaker. She stopped in the doorway, one hand on each side of the frame, and let out a slow whistle.

“He was passionate about his job, wasn’t he?” Madison smiled.

“Same as you with a new project,” Anna replied.

Madison moved to the desk and turned on the lamp. The curtains were dingy. The blackout shades beneath them were grimy.

“Looks like Janice didn’t come up here.” Madison raised the blinds, then cracked open a window to revive the stale air. The clatter of a hundred pairs of beating wings echoed around them.

Madison ducked and covered her head.

Anna backed out of the room, pressing herself against the wall on the landing. “Is it bats?” she shrieked. “Are they in there with you?”

The sound receded. Madison lowered her arms and peered out the glass. A flock of pigeons soared away, winging toward the lake. The snap of the rising transom must have disturbed them.

LOON-12-21-#1-Cozy-Mystery_“No,” she murmured. “Birds.”

# # #

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Reader reviews:
Aya Walksfar says: “From the time that Mallory Blackburne hears “the thunderous boom of metal striking wood…” this mystery captures the reader. Romance and mystery without the need for graphic sex or graphic violence; just a great read!”

Lisa Mack says, “…a mystery that doesn’t devolve around murder, peopled by smart women who are figuring out things for themselves, who have personal issues that don’t center on whether they’re overweight or pretty or…whatever. The main characters are all fleshed out and real, with real people problems. And well edited to boot!”

Susan Goldin says, “Molly Greene has a gift which spins a tale that keeps you in the dark until the dawn slowly rises and reveals a landscape of unexpected proportions. Ms. Greene is very good at defining characters via their actions and dialogue. The dialogue is so well crafted the reader feels they are sitting in an armchair or at the table with those in discussion instead of reading words on a page.”