How To Make An Author Video

By Ben Wallace

Last month I was here talking about how to stage a comeback and I plan on updating everyone on how that’s going in a few weeks. In the meantime I want to talk about videos.

Phase 4 of the comeback was to make an ass of myself. To do this I started a video series called How to Author and the results have been amazing. It has driven traffic to my blog, garnered a surprising amount of blog subscriptions and added many newsletter subscribers as well.

Since it has been so successful for me, Molly invited me back to share with you how to make and post a video to your site. Thanks, Molly.

So I put together a video showing everyone how to put together a video and post it on your site. Check it out.

Obviously this video is a little longer than I normally recommend. But I wanted to share the entire process.

Thanks again for having me back, Molly.

KnightsoftheApocalypse_WALLACEBenjamin Wallace is a professional author and has written several best-selling novels.

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